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The following terms of use apply to St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center and all affiliated entities ("St. Joseph's").

The information contained herein and any associated files and electronic medical records are intended only for the use by the patient under the terms outlined below or the patient's legal guardian, or designated proxy, and contains information that is confidential. If you are not the patient, the patient's legal guardian, or designated proxy, you are hereby notified that you may not have access to the information contained within My St. Joseph's and that viewing, dissemination, copying or distributing of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have accessed this patient's My St. Joseph's in error, please contact St. Joseph's immediately by telephone and by clicking on the "DECLINE" button, below.


  1. Name: You are the patient, legal guardian, or designated proxy.
  2. Access Request Form: You have completed the "My St. Joseph's" Access Request Form and thereby accept the My St. Joseph's Terms and Agreement.
  3. Internet Communications: You accept that Internet Communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.
  4. Limitation of Medical Records: You understand that My St. Joseph's contains selected, limited medical information from your medical record and that My St. Joseph's does not reflect the complete contents of the medical record.
  5. Legal Guardianship: If you are the legal guardian of a child the following applies:
    • If your child is age 0-13 you will be granted full access to your child's My St. Joseph's record.
    • If your child is age 14-17 you will be granted partial access to your child's My St. Joseph's record (appointment scheduling, immunizations) without his or her authorization and full access with his or her authorization.
    • Once your child reaches age 18 you will no longer have access to your child's My St. Joseph's record without his or her authorization.
  6. Copies of Records: You understand that if you want copies of your medical record or information from the treating staff, you must contact St. Joseph's.
  7. Proxy Access: If you have designated a proxy, you have completed the "Adult Proxy Authorization for Release of Medical Information" and have indicated who you are designating as your proxy.
    • You understand that the proxy may access your medical information contained within My St. Joseph's.
    • You understand that you may revoke your authorization for the proxy and if you do so your proxy's access to My St. Joseph's will stop.
    • You may designate a new proxy by completing the required forms.
    • You understand that My St. Joseph's may contain sensitive medical information and that your proxy will also have access to that information.
  8. Confidentiality: St. Joseph's will apply commercially reasonable and available security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the information contained within My St. Joseph's.
  9. Security: You ensure that you will: (a) be responsible for the security and/or use of your user id and password; (b) not permit any other person to use your user id and password; and (c) you shall also be responsible for your use of My St. Joseph's. St. Joseph's reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the service, in whole or in part, if St. Joseph's reasonably believes that you are in breach of these Terms of Use or are otherwise using or accessing My St. Joseph's inconsistently with the Terms of Use.
  10. Privacy. The patient information accessed through this website and contained in My St. Joseph's is confidential in accordance with state and federal law, including without limitation the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"). Please consult St. Joseph's Privacy Policies to determine whether your use or disclosure of this information is appropriate. St. Joseph's may monitor your use of this website and My St. Joseph's and may use any information collected through your use in accordance with My St. Joseph's Licensing Agreement with your healthcare provider.
  11. Warranties. You represent and warrant to St. Joseph's that you have the capacity to understand and accept these terms. You also represent, warrant and covenant that, to the best of your knowledge, you shall not upload, post or transmit to or through the website My St. Joseph's any file that: (i) contains a computer virus or other harmful component; or (ii) contains false or misleading information. Furthermore, you represent and warrant that you are not accessing the service under misrepresentation or false identification. If you are inputting medical information on behalf of another, you warrant and represent that you have the right to be binding to that other person. These warranties apply to both the patient and proxy when applicable.
  12. Term and Termination of Service: These terms of use will start as soon as you access My St. Joseph's and continue for the duration of your access.St. Joseph's shall have the right to terminate your access to all or part of My St. Joseph's at any time without notice or liability.
    • Any proxy designation that you make is valid until you revoke access by notifying St. Joseph's in writing.
  13. Disclaimer. St. Joseph's and its affiliates, subcontractors and third party licensors, if any, make no representations or warranties, whether express, implied or statutory regarding or relating to the service provided to you under this agreement, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing. St. Joseph's specifically disclaims any and all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. The use of My St. Joseph's is provided "as is, and with all faults." St. Joseph's does not guarantee that your access to the information provided under this agreement will be uninterrupted, error free or secure. St. Joseph's makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, to you regarding the completeness or accuracy of the information you enter or processed data, nor any interpretation, medical decision or course of medical treatment related thereto. Further, St. Joseph's does not warrant to you the availability of My St. Joseph's at all times and specifically excludes availability during scheduled downtime for maintenance purposes, unscheduled maintenance and system outages, and/or availability of My St. Joseph's for reasons beyond St. Joseph's control.
  14. Limitation of liability. You understand that St. Joseph's does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in My St. Joseph's, or any attachment, that have arisen as a result of the information contained herein. St. Joseph's and its affiliates, subcontractors and third party licensors shall not be liable for any loss of use, business interruption, loss of or damage to your patient medical data, cost of cover, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind in connection with or arising out of the furnishing, performance or use of the information provided in My St. Joseph's under these terms of use, whether alleged as a breach of contract or tort, including negligence, even if St. Joseph's has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In addition, St. Joseph's will not be liable for any damages caused by any delay in delivery or furnishing access to the information in My St. Joseph's under these terms of use. Since My St. Joseph's is provided to you at no charge, St. Joseph's shall not be liable under these terms of use for any damages of any kind.
  15. Indemnification. Your access to the information provided in My St. Joseph's does not create any responsibility for your medical treatment or care. You shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless St. Joseph's, its directors, officers, employees, agents, successors and assigns and defend any action brought against same with respect to any claim, demand, cause of action, debt or liability, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of or relating to: (a) any injury resulting from the use of My St. Joseph's; (b) any claim that your patient medical data and/or processed data is inaccurate or incomplete; (c) any non-compliance with the terms of this agreement; (d) claims that content or information provided by you infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party; or (e) any breach of these terms of use by you.
  16. Governing Law; Jurisdiction and Venue; Arbitration. This agreement shall be governed and construed under and in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, without regard to its conflict of law principles. The parties agree to submit all disputes arising under or in connection with this agreement to binding arbitration, conducted in Onondaga County, New York, in accordance with the rules promulgated by the American Arbitration Association.